Land of Iron resumes underground tours


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Just seen this on Facebook.

Link with pictures
The North Drift opened this morning 🎉
It's been a long journey to get it open and we're finally there.
Thanks to The National Lottery Heritage Fund and National Lottery players we are able to welcome visitors to visit this historic piece of Cleveland's industrial past.
We also need to thank ICL Boulby, AmcoGiffen, British Steel, and Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council for their support with materials and expertise along the way.
We're massively grateful to volunteers, trustees, and staff for their efforts - especially the valuable guidance of Alan Chilton and the non-stop determination from our Chief Exec Marie Woods in project managing the reopening.
Our trustees, Ellie and Ian did the honours and cut the ribbon this morning and we welcomed our first visitors for a tour shortly afterwards.
According to the comments on their Facebook page you can now go 78m down the drift.

Nice to see another underground tour back in action.
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Cheers for update (y) well valued . Maybe add this to other threads on relevant pages etc
As one of the Trustees, I would love to see you all there !

We finally got rid of the swimming pool at the end of the drift so wheelchairs and pushchairs can now get turned around.

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Their website still says "...Please note that the drift tunnel is currently closed for essential maintenance works and the tour will be added to over the next two years with exciting new additions so repeat visits are a must!.." so the reopening must still be hot off the press!