What do you get out of digging ??

I think I would rather dig my own than watch him dig :D . Thanks anyway . All the lads know I usually take the tools of them & tell them to leave me and go explore haha @ChrisJC @BikinGlynn
About 10' more of the level and can see on over the top of some backfill for about another 20' ! šŸ˜€
Yes, can use that sharp front end to dig! ;) Wife always wanted one.
I once met someone who actually owned one back in the day (when it was a car, not a classic car) he said they were terrible, apparently the piston or whatever you call it to hold the doors up always fails and don't hold them up properly, he laughed and said "watch back to the future again, the actors are holding the doors up... look carefully"
Thread is back open .

I personally do enjoy digging and I shall be digging this Saturday ! Who else will be digging this weekend ?