Vale of Conwy


Has anyone ever explored Vale of Conwy? Seems to be a lack of info on it that I can find it seems to be a fairly decently sized mine.
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@TomFerry and I have been inside some of the wetter parts of it. There’s some fantastic stempling inside plus and a ladder or two. I recall some beautifully formed ochre steps and a place to hang tools. There are a few shafts/trials listed much higher up the incline that I have not explored. I’m sure Tom might have some pics as I don’t have any to hand right now.
Yes , cracking through trip through the run in stopes , if you don’t fancy the climb down .

I never knew you had been in , you learn something every day @Royfellows

It’s actually one of the cleanest mines in the region. Stunning stemples ! One of the best I have seen .
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There are other workings that I believe are the same mine below the road, including a deep adit, but when I explored it was run before it reached the stope.